Recording studio

Studio and recording facilities

The Recording Studio

The recording studio, completely soundproof :

Six earphone possibilities with separate manageable volumes for live recordings;

4 Beyerdynamic DT 770 earphones;

2 studio AKG earphones;

4 Philips earphones;

2 Beyerdynamic DT 100 earphones;

Yamaha CP 300 electric piano;

Microphones : 1 NEUMANN U87ai, 2 NEUMANN TLM103, 2 NEUMANN TLM102, 2 AKG 414, 1 AKG C3000, 4 AKG D40, 4 Shure sm 57, 2 Shure SM58, 1 AKG d112, 2 Rode NT3; 3 SHURE BETA 58 A, 1 Audio Tecnica AT8471, 3 Senneheiser MD 421 II, 1 SENNEHEISER e901, 1 Sennheiser e905, 2 AKG clip c408, Electro-voice RE20, 1 Se 4400a, 2 Se5, 1Se X1r, 2 samson C02;

TAMBURO ASH drum kit connected to 2 director positions for production and post-production, complete with the latest professional equipment.

The Recording Studio

Marco Versari Productions, a company started in 1999, produces audio and video for companies, private enterprises and communication agencies, advertising and marketing.

Our audio-video products:

Voices for commentaries, answer machines, call centres, documentaries, audio-guides, audio-books, e-learning, foreign languages

Synch dubbing and voiceovers for film, cartoons, documentaries;

Jingles and commercials;

Company presentations;

Voices,music, effects for teaching and company information;

Company videos, commercials and music on location, in studio, eg chroma key and montage;

Music for documentaries, film and web, theatre, with original compositions or arrangements and adaptations.

Marco Versari Production is also a independant music producer.
From the production, promotion to sales through the main sales distributors.
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